Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Politician says, "We don't have an agreement"

The Politician just wrote to me that "we don't have an agreement". He insists I permanently delete all my posts tagged "infertility politics". I do not want to do this. He insists that I agreed to, but I have proof otherwise.

In the spirit of grassroots movements and particularly infertility politics, I want the meat of this matter to remain on my blog. For posterity sake. The productive comments from this community are strong and it is my hope that these posts can help someone else down the line.

It does not matter to The Politician that I removed all references to his name, his bill, his title, our state, his links , his comment , his letter, etc. -all searchable terms were removed. I even deleted the unproductive comments that might have been embarrassing to him?

Furthermore I offered to temporarily remove my "infertility politics" posts for one month; until this died down.

He responded that we don't have an agreement anymore.

What do you think about this?

UPDATE: 7:25pm
I'll leave - for now - all the posts that I edited in his favor. Thanks for your quick input.

If I find that the bill is still on the legislative calendar, I'll revert all the posts to their original place: names, links and plenty of new stuff that will amaze you. I'll go back to gathering residents, sending out press releases, and refining my voice for when the time comes at the capital. He told me that we don't have an agreement anymore, so of course this would be my course. (I'm holding out hope that he'll drop the bill)

Question: Why do you think he insists that my blog return to the day before I read the announcement that he was presenting a bill that would repeal the IVF mandate? I find it bizarre that my conciliatory efforts to date are not enough and that all history must be erased - or else.....

To Clarify: T.P. believes that I am the one doing the reneging. He insists our agreement was that I would delete all posts tagged "Infertility Politics". My recollection is that I would delete all possible references to him and his bill in said posts.


ashley said...

What can he do if you don't completely remove the posts? I think he's just trying to intimidate you. Don't let him do it.

Emily said...

Wow. Sounds like The Politician is not owning up to his words. That is not very mature of him, considering you deleted anything in reference to hid name and your state.

I'm shocked that someone in his position would write something like that. This is your blog... your diary of your experiences with infertility and IVF.

Making contact with a Politician is something people normally do when they are opposed to something, in this case that bill. The fact that he found your blog, then commented on it, are actions he chose to take.

You have not done anything wrong. Keep the info here. I don't understand why he feels like this needs to be hidden. That makes me wonder if something is wrong with his ethics.

I hope the Politician, as a family man, can show more compassion.

Emily said...

Your blog, your thoughts. You shared info that is relevant and important to people looking for info on this topic.
Freedom of speech. Keep it up - I would't even have deleted everything that you did.

aar said...

I don't think "The Polititian" understands politics. He'd better get some thicker skin if he wants to stick around. You don't let him dictate to you what you put on your blog. If anything, what he's doing should be made more public. Intimidation of a private citizen by an elected official is not looked upon so favorably by the masses. You've got freedom of speech on your side. He's a public figure. So long as you don't lie about him, you can put forth whatever you deem blog-worthy. Keep it up!

Clio said...

this is horrible. is he trying to censor you? Like the others said, it's your blog your freedom of speech!

Mo and Will said...

I think he's like a threatened animal backed into a corner. probably rethinking his latest poor choice to ask you to remove the posts just about now. he's being silly. and clio has a point - this smacks of censorship.


Mo and Will said...

I think he's like a threatened animal backed into a corner. probably rethinking his latest poor choice to ask you to remove the posts just about now. he's being silly. and clio has a point - this smacks of censorship.


Anonymous said...
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still waiting said...

I was just going to say, has he heard of a little thing called Freedom of Speech????

still waiting said...

I was just going to say, has he heard of a little thing called Freedom of Speech????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying - do you have anything in writing from him requesting that you delete everything in your blog regarding this issue? Or was it verbal?

I could see how a misunderstanding could happen but I still say that the whole purpose of a blog is to document your thoughts and I don't think I would do it, not for this.

Anonymous said...

If you're comfortable, would you consider contacting the media? This is just to bizarre. He's hanging the fate of a bill over your BLOG?

You did a terrific thing raising awareness of a flawed legislative proposal, with statistics and facts. He's turning this into a personal vendetta.

Turn the issue back around to the legislation, not what you are or aren't blogging about. I imagine someone in the media would be interested in the bill... with the interesting hook of how a politician is bullying a private citizen.

Understand if you're not willing to go public with all of this, but just a thought. I'd hate to see all of your wonderful work dissipate over his back-and-forth bickering on what your infertility blog says.

Belle said...

Sounds to me based on his recent actions like he had no intention of dropping the bill in the first place and he just was paying you lip service. Obviously, you have touched a nerve with someone, somewhere with your blog.

I would not delete your posts, as you have every right to express your thoughts on here. And FWIW, I did not read your original unedited posts, so I don't know who this particular politician is, and could not find out his/her name when I searched with the limited/non-existent info that is contained in your posts, even though I tried my hardest because I was curious.

Personally, I would not have taken his/her name or identifying info out. This is all public record by virtue of the fact that the politician is sponsoring this bill, so it's not like you are divulging anything that is not private. You have every right to express your opinion.

I too live in a state where IVF coverage is mandated, and suffered the indignity of not having coverage because my employer fell through a loophole. Paid for a cycle and an FET all out of pocket. Although we are now blessed with coverage, through my husband's new job, IVF should be covered just like every other medical condition out there. This is not a choice on our part, nor is it an elective procedure.

Please do not let this issue drop with your state rep. Stick to your guns and do not let him/her intimidate you.