Monday, September 29, 2008

IVF#1 - CD9

Got my big packet of info for the "IVF Class" that will take place in two days. Class ? I spent a good portion of today getting my insurance ducks in a row. Although I am 100% covered for IVF - due to state mandate, I was informed that I would need to pay $700 on Wednesday for Out of Network Deductible. A call to the clinic and they stood by this. A call to the insurance company and they insisted it should only be $250. The clinic has been wrong before; once the office manager insisted that UHC did NOT cover IUIs. I had to prove her otherwise with a document. Yet she was so sure of herself; just another example that we must be vigilant about our own business. The paperwork from the clinic also stated that I needed to have about $4k for meds for this cycle: here again; my meds are covered...

I was loosing some sleep that DH might bark about having to leave his work early to join me for this meeting and give another sample, but he didn't bat an eye - so I was loosing sleep for nothing.

It's odd to be on BCPs. I'm on my 8th day. I secretly worry that all these drugs are bad for me...

The moment I look forward to the most on Wednesday is to have the full attention of the IVF nurse who I have met before and liked. I have some calendar and scheduling questions and have NO IDEA what they have in mind for me . Or rather when does my cycle fit into the clinic's?

A pen pal asked me for an update with the IVF. I replied and she jokingly relayed that I sounded hostile towards IVF. There is a sad truth to this that I must overcome. How can I expect a positive outcome otherwise. I feel angst at how my clinic has treated me the past several months: their busy waiting room, no time for questions, the wait time of upwards of 2+hours sometimes while in the paper gown and alone... I need to get past all this.

Monday, September 22, 2008

IVF#1 ~ CD2

Started Yaz birth control today so the docs can have a clean slate to work with. I read the warnings for potential side effects and swallowed regardless. Drugs = babies, right?

IVF Class is scheduled for Oct 1st. Class consists of me and Daren meeting with the IVF coordinating nurse to go over paperwork and calendar I presume. "Inject Class" was completed last month with IUI #2. It lasted all of 3 minutes.