Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Politician goes public and admits the error of his ways -so to speak

This just in:

A statewide paper wrote a hard hitting article about The Politician and his bill. (They also didn't fact check with him before going to print - per his response).
No hot button was left unpressed. The writer made some pretty heady insinuations about T.P.'s positions.

T.P. responded to the article at another online venue. -TP is blogging now!- He did admit that he learned lessons from us in the infertility community. That "our positions have merit and that we are a powerful force." I'll leave the commentary to the other parts for you.

He still cites (and insists on) a study by CAHI that states that IVF raises health care costs for Americans. I could poke him for this. They are NOT an independent source. They are lobbyists for the insurance industry. Google them to see just how independent: - Calls "President Bush's Plan Vital to Curing Ills of America's Health Care" and calls President Elect Obama's health care plan "A Recipe for Doom". They are uniformly against mandates. Whether you agree with their positions or not, you must agree, they are not an independent source, TP.

But at this point I am not concerned about TP's impetus. He apologized (sortakinda) and he's not pursuing the bill.

Back in December, TP said, "I think it’s a mandate that is hard to defend". He has obviously changed his mind.

Way to Go TP. I may not agree with everything you say in your editorial errr blog, but the bill is off. Can we be friends again?


Courtney said...

hmmm...i'm sure we can all google and find the article pretty easily. Looking forward to reading it ;)

Virginia said...

you can email me

Courtney said...

just found it...

i heart the title lol ;)

I also find this statement to be so false that it is funny....

Of all state mandates, Wieske said, “an in vitro [one] worries me the most. And I'll tell you why: It's a straight income transfer from the poor to the rich. I don't think you're finding that the local mechanic [and his wife] are going through in vitro fertilization.”
--courtney's commentary: that is so not true!! does he seriously think only wealthy people want to have babies and also have infertility? if they repealed the mandate, it would only take ivf AWAY from the middle class and lower class couples...the upper class would still be able to afford ivf.

Virginia said...

C, you found the original story. Did you find his response? It's at another site.

Emily said...

Woo-hoo! You rock sister!

Anonymous said...

What a great day! I have read the articles and even though this issue is over. I still have to say that I cannot believe he compared the desire to have a baby and not being about to conceive to the possible desire of entering the military, but not being able to run fast enough. Really?

ok... that is all I had to say! Now, I am going to enjoy this!