Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bill still shows on Legislative Calendar

I am not quite ready to pull the trigger reverting all the posts to their original state. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he WILL be withdrawing the Bill. Yet as of this morning I still see it on the State calendar. It is to be "introduced" Jan 9.

I want to keep my end of the bargain- as I recall it - for just a little while longer. I will not speak about him by name, yet.

Meanwhile, I am gathering contacts in the news and legislative field so to prepare myself for public opposition to this proposed policy change.

I have no problems being the face to this opposition.

Your support and comments here are all the muscle I need.


Courtney said...

You say the word Virginia...and I'm ready to roll. We are going to fight this!! I will go ahead and draft a blog that is ready to post if you give us the go.

still waiting said...

Do I understand this correctly?
Is the rep (who shall remain nameless) bargaining with you as to whether he will remove this bill? Is that even ethical???

Anonymous said...

Seriously? He sponsored legislation and therefore his name is already part of public record, and he's not withdrawing it because his name is on your blog?

Limited time frame here. How do you need help?

Ava Grace said...

Hi Virginia! I am sharing your blog with everyone that I see... and I see a lot of fertility patients! This is Tracy, your friendly anesthesia provider. :) This issue not only affects me and my family personally (am currently pregnant from IVF too), but it also affects a large majority of my patients. It breaks my heart to think of them not being able to know the love of a child thanks to someone who would climb into bed with big insurance for political gain. "He" gloats over his kids on his website, but has no problem stealing that dream from other couples. To me that makes him a monster. You say the word and I am there. I have also contacted the local television stations and am currently writing to the local papers. And unlike you, I DON'T have an agreement with the "unnamed" Representative! Like you, I don't have any problem being the face of his opposition. A belated Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

MrsSpock said...

My dear, there is no need for you to make an agreement with this guy at all. You have the right to publish your opinions as you see fit. Whatever bargaining or threats he used- he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Please don't let the tactics of a seasoned politician scare you into silence.

Clio said...

very cool that your are ready for whatever comes.
Let's hope that it will be indeed pulled out.
But like Mrs. Spock said, you can't let him scare you into silence.
And how awesome that you are gathering the support of others in your area who are ready to join you in this battle.

Danielle Harmon said...

Way to go Virginia! I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns! If I can do anything for you down here in GA just let me know!