Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Please take 2 seconds and vote for Mel!

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Mel / aka / Stirrup Queen is the Queen B. Blogger of the infertility blogging world -and so much more. The synergy and community she creates is without parallel.

Feel alone in your journey? Need help getting a word out? Looking for someone who's doing what your doing? Going on to the next phase in your journey to make a family? Need a hug? Want to share a recent success?

Visit Mel (and thousands of others) at Stirrup Queens. Revisit daily because you will be amazed at day to day updates.

I've had my best connections on her LOST and FOUND button.


ashley said...

I'll definetely vote. How have you been? Been to the doctor lately? We're all chomping at the bit about your progress. Keep us posted!

KandiB said...

I'm voting my arse off.

BTW - I tagged you for a Photo treasure hunt (Sorry!)...check my post for more info.