Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's about that Time

I've been on BCP for about 6 weeks. (I bled for 9 days during it and that wasn't supposed to happen, but the clinic didn't seem to care). Next monday, Nov 3, I stop the BCP pills. Thursday I have the first U/S of the cycle to determine if there are cysts or not, and that night I am supposed to start the Lupron. I know it's all going to turn into a whirlwind after that first doc visit. If cycle goes as planned, I should have an egg or two growing by Thanksgiving. I haven't had babies too much on my mind the past couple of months, so I suspect I need to go look at some pics; also visualizing my future baby should help get me excited.

Monday, October 13, 2008

IVF Drugs

I finally received them all they came via FedEx, UPS, and USPS . The nurse told me the retail value was almost $4000!

Almost everyone of these drugs has a warning label, "Do not use if pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant" ???? This does not play well with my psyche.

I am almost finished with my first pack of BCP. The nurse told me to skip the blank ones and move on the next pack. "What, no period?" She said I didn't have to have one. Well that just doesn't feel natural. I am accustomed to having my period. We're given periods for a reason in nature, right?

I will do as I am told and not question the authority on the matter. I will take these drugs that all have warning labels .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First IVF Meeting, Protocol and Mock Transfer

Protocol for IVF#1 = Microdose Flare Lupron

We spent the better of 4 hours at the clinic today for the IVF meeting, and it was my best day there yet! I was under the wings of the awesome IVF Coordinating Nurse Debbie. She insured my blood was drawn on the first prick, that we didn't have to wait around for anything - like the normal 2 hour waits. We sat in her office for an hour going over the protocol and calendar. She's down to Earth, a straight Shooter, and very intelligent on her subject. (I am very happy to report this b/c I have had stressful experiences with my very busy docs and the clinic - the only one in the state- and I did have a bad taste in my mouth about it)

I had a mock transfer that went well and again, the docs told me that I have the ovaries of a 25 yo. (20+ antral follicles?) The proof will be in the quality of the eggs that they ultimately harvest. Daren had to have blood tested and his soldiers were analyzed further.

I have to go out of town to a bz meeting the first couple days of Nov, so they are going to start stimming me on Nov.6 . They predict the transfer to happen right before thanksgiving week.

So basically I have the Month off! Whoopee!

We did decided to freeze the successful embryos that won't be transferred back to me.

So here's my protocol: Microdose Lupron (all our tests have been normal with the exception of an iffy high estrogen test once. Hence this is the protocol the doctor chose)

9/23 - 11/3 = Birth Control Bills - to suppress my ovaries
10/2 = Daren and Virginia take antibiotics to knockout unknown/hypothetical infections
11/8 = start Lupron for suppressing
11/10 = start gonal - f for ovarian stimulation
continue both of these (suppressing and stimulating at the same time??)
11/18 = take ovidrel to release eggs, take anti-biotic to prevent infection
11/20 = Egg Retrieval
11/20 = start steroids, progesterone and estrogen
11/23 = Embryo Transfers
continue Progesterone until first trimester complete.

This is subject to change of course and only skims the surface . The Lupron, progesterone, ovidrel and gonal - f are injections. Some are twice daily!