Saturday, November 22, 2008

Transfer Day!

8am - Had acupuncture here!

9:15am - At the clinic for the transfer. The Embryo report on this day, day 5, was 2 "excellent" blasts and 11 more close behind. We opted to transfer one today. We froze the other and with luck, will freeze more tomorrow. The procedure was very similar to what I read your procedures to be like: Hubby dressed out and went in the room with me. The embryologist showed us a video of the Blast that was to be transfered. And D kept us all in stitches today. My husband won 20 bonus points with me today. He was GREAT! I really admire the staff at this clinic and there was just a lot of good vibes. (I think the big doc was hoping we would transfer two)

11a- back for follow up at the acupuncture clinic and I love this doc. She's the maternal acupuncture doc I always wanted and never knew I did ;-)

noon- sushi

3p - home in front of fire and cuddling with dog.

more about blasts here - ofcourse this was not our blast, but it sure did look just like this. with the inner cell mass as such.

Happy Happy Day.


Emily said...

Congrats! You are now the proud mother bear to one beautiful blast!!! Sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy your time resting and being spoiled by hubby ;)

Clio said...

how great that it all went so well.
Acupuncture can be truly helpful at these crucial time. I am going to have three sessions as well, one before retrieval, one before transfer and one after, however, probably not so close in time to the actual procedure like yours.
Fabulous that you found a caring practitioner to help you. It is very reassuring. Good choice on the one embryo. I got tons of material on that from the university of kansas and UIC actually stating that the main goal of IVF is the live birth of ONE healthy child.
blessings and more blessings to you and your growing baby.

Dora said...

Congrats! Dig in little embie!

Rachie Pachie said...

Yay! Glad to hear everything went so well!