Thursday, November 20, 2008

My blogland friends

My blog is primarily to journal my IVF technical details. But between the lines have grown a very warm and fuzzy feeling. As soon as I click publish, you are there. All of you are really with me in this. When my husband can't get excited about embryos reports (no dis on him) - there you are. When one of our sisters gets bad news, we flood in with sympathy. I really appreciate you all and am honored to be amongst you.



Rachie Pachie said...

OKay, hormones kicking in... but you're making me tear up.

It is so true. I have NO idea how I could have made it this far (emotionally) w/out the bloggers.

Hubby just recently started reading my IF blog & he made the comment that he's glad I have the support... I don't think anyone else can understand it.

Sure hope this cycle is the one for you, girl!

Clio said...

Hey there!
yeah, I know, it's so amazing to feel connected this way. :)
so you are doing the Doxy just now. There's someone else here that is doing it later as well. Well, don't think too much about the drug. Think of all the wonderful things that your embrio is going to find in your body. Take good care of yourself.
Tomorrow I start the acydophilus and others to replenish my digestive tract of the friendly bacteria. :)
Oh, I start stims probably on Thursday.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment on my page - I probably won't start my next cycle until late December so I'll let you know, thanks! Best of luck with your cycle. I haven't gone through IVF yet but I have enjoyed reading your posts and learning all that is involved.

I'll be crossing my fingers for you that you get a BFP soon!

That girl said...

Good luck Virgina. I am thinking of you. 13 eggs is a fantastic result!