Friday, November 14, 2008

Stim Check #2

11 eggs measured and recorded today
(from 9mm to 19 mm)
E2 =2363
Progesterone = 1.07

My ovaries are SORE! The wand even made me yelp today. Can't imagine how they're going to feel by Monday.

They want to do ER on Monday, yet have asked me to drive back in tomorrow AM for the 3rd straight day in a row. (my drive is 1.5 hours each way)

In the Woe is Me category:
1. My beloved Gran is on her deathbed and in utter dementia 6 hours away. Family plans and ER / ET pose a little logistical challenge.
2. Immediately following Stim Check #2 this AM, I told my husband which day ER would be. one hour later he told me was going out of town on that day to buy / or sell a motorcycle. In one hour he had completely forgotten his meagre part in this ! 'Scuze me while I go inject myself some more.


Emily said...

You are getting close! Your e2 is nice and high! No wonder you are uncomfortable.
I am sore too - damn the wand poking around in there.

I did check our her blog today. Funny the similarities!


Clio said...

I am sorry to learn about your gran. But perhaps, in the state she's in, a mind, or spiritual connection might even be more effective. Don't blame yourself if you're not being able to be there, but send her all your love and be sure that she's receiving it.
About your husband's forgetfulness... maybe it was just a blurp, a glitch in his head. this happens sometimes in the middle of important things. But I'm sure he'll be there when he's needed and you'll find some very direct ways to remind him until then. ;)

Virginia said...

clio, you are so right. I did have a whirl wind night and drove to her to say my goodbyes. My family is for obvious reasons very excited about what's going on at the clinic so they are uber supportive. As for hubby, yes, he has a glitch of realities / responsiblilities when it comes to shiny new motorcycles, but he's a good egg. I want to keep him around ;-) Yesterday was the big wear out.

Leigh said...

I'm sorry to hear about your gran - how is she doing?

I had 8 days of meds - okay, I didn't know that was normal - they thought I might need 10 but definitely 9.

Love learning things.

In a few hours, you'll have your ER and I can't wait to find out how it goes. That was the best part of the whole cycle for me :)