Monday, November 17, 2008

Retrieval Report

They gave me warm booties and a warm blanket and a chill pill as soon as I walked in the door. How 'bout that? I wish every procedure I had thus far at the clinic had been like that. What a difference a blanket can make when you're waiting in a cold fluorescent room.

They got 14 eggs. (no news on maturity, but before I went under, the doc doing the harvesting said he reviewed 9 big ones prior to walking in the door)

Another hurdle accomplished.

I am not particularly sore. But I slept like a fool today. As soon as I got in the car (noon) to now (6p) I've been sound asleep and couldn't lift an eyelid or keyboard. It's been a nice day.

AND BIG GOOD NEWS for me ; I was anxious about the PIO shots which are 1.5 " and D. would have to administer. Supposedly the oil hurts going in and we would have to keep this up for many weeks. I asked about alternatives and they gave me a newer drug call endometrian - suppositories. Thrilled about this!


Clio said...

glad to hear everything went well!!
I'm loving this being able to keep up with you gals that are a bit ahead of me. ;)
Botties and blanket sound fabulous... I'm wondering if perhaps I can bring a blanket in case they don't give me one.. I"ll ask.
sounds like you are recovering well too.

Emily said...

Sounds like a great retrieval day! 14 is fantastic. Wishing you wonderful news on your fert report. Thanks for all your supportive and positive words!

KandiB said...

luckeeeeeeee! Suppositories?!!! Warm blankets? So lucky. 14 is awesome! congrats!

Lisa said...

I found your blog on what to expect - what a great retrieval report - good luck!! I hope the PIO worked out!