Monday, December 29, 2008

Infertility Political Action Requested!

Please read the email chain below. If you have any political action advice please chime in. There is not much time!

To Whomever it May concern:

I just found out at my Fertility Clinic this am that there is a bill to be presented in ONE MONTH to repeal the IVF mandate that has been in place in the state for 20 years.

I am an IVF patient that just got pregnant thanks to this mandate. My medical history is similar to many others: We have unexplained Infertility . We have been trying for many years to get pregnant. We started with non – invasive fertility treatments about a year ago – to no avail. Meanwhile, the biological clock is ticking unfavorably. We got pregnant with our first In Vitro Fertilization that we would have been unable to touch without the state mandate.

This state prides itself that it is “Family Friendly”. The IVF state mandate echoes this and makes this state very unique in the United States. Most couples have to take out loans that take years to pay off. Of course most other developed nations cover this medical procedure with their national healthcare plans. It should go without saying how infertility affects families. Medical Intervention should not be for a privileged few.

I am ready to put a lot of energy into opposing this bill. BILL XXXX.

I called XXXXX, who is introducing the bill to ask why he is doing it. He said , “because the IVF mandate raises everyone’s insurance by 3-5%”. This claim is dubious to me and I would like to see some proof that policies would lower if the bill is passed.

If you have any political action advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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