Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First IVF Meeting, Protocol and Mock Transfer

Protocol for IVF#1 = Microdose Flare Lupron

We spent the better of 4 hours at the clinic today for the IVF meeting, and it was my best day there yet! I was under the wings of the awesome IVF Coordinating Nurse Debbie. She insured my blood was drawn on the first prick, that we didn't have to wait around for anything - like the normal 2 hour waits. We sat in her office for an hour going over the protocol and calendar. She's down to Earth, a straight Shooter, and very intelligent on her subject. (I am very happy to report this b/c I have had stressful experiences with my very busy docs and the clinic - the only one in the state- and I did have a bad taste in my mouth about it)

I had a mock transfer that went well and again, the docs told me that I have the ovaries of a 25 yo. (20+ antral follicles?) The proof will be in the quality of the eggs that they ultimately harvest. Daren had to have blood tested and his soldiers were analyzed further.

I have to go out of town to a bz meeting the first couple days of Nov, so they are going to start stimming me on Nov.6 . They predict the transfer to happen right before thanksgiving week.

So basically I have the Month off! Whoopee!

We did decided to freeze the successful embryos that won't be transferred back to me.

So here's my protocol: Microdose Lupron (all our tests have been normal with the exception of an iffy high estrogen test once. Hence this is the protocol the doctor chose)

9/23 - 11/3 = Birth Control Bills - to suppress my ovaries
10/2 = Daren and Virginia take antibiotics to knockout unknown/hypothetical infections
11/8 = start Lupron for suppressing
11/10 = start gonal - f for ovarian stimulation
continue both of these (suppressing and stimulating at the same time??)
11/18 = take ovidrel to release eggs, take anti-biotic to prevent infection
11/20 = Egg Retrieval
11/20 = start steroids, progesterone and estrogen
11/23 = Embryo Transfers
continue Progesterone until first trimester complete.

This is subject to change of course and only skims the surface . The Lupron, progesterone, ovidrel and gonal - f are injections. Some are twice daily!


Amy said...

Found my way over here via Lost & Found...I'm sure your nurse mentioned this, but be prepared to stim longer. I stimmed for 12 days before retrieval. 3 days sounds very short!

Good luck to you!

Virginia said...

you're right amy! the nurse wrote the wrong dates down on my calendar; ER would fall much closer to Tgiving.


KandiB said...

Hey there! Just turned 38, and just finishing up my first round of IVF (after five failed IUIs and two years of trying)- I find out if it worked next Thursday.

I'll be watching your journey! Good luck!

Cassandra said...

Here from Lost and Found...

Welcome to the ALI blogosphere! Hope you enjoy it; I've found it to be a very helpful place.

Best of luck with your IVF cycle.

Leigh said...

What's a mock transfer?

Virginia said...

During the mock transfer the doc pretended to place the embryos into my uterus. The purpose was to see if I had a normally shaped cervix and which tool they would need to use the day of actual transfer. I suspect they did this mock transfer so early in my IVF cycle as an insurance test - to see if my company will indeed be covering these procedures.

Leigh said...

oh my word, that sounds terrible (or maybe that's just me) - I quite hated it LOL

Clio said...

Virginia, wanna hear another coincidence? my IVF nurse is also named Debbie!!! :O
About your husband giving you the shots... have him practice first. I think I remember people practiced injections on oranges. just an idea...
At first I thought I could never let my husband do it because knowing myself, I'll bicker all the way through. However, there's no way I can do it myself on my behind... So... I'll just hope for the best. ;)

Rachel said...

Hi! I just found your page when I Googled "mock transfer". They told me this AM that I have to come in for a mock transfer, and meanwhile my fiance is finishing up his last few tests (to rule out Prostate cancer ect). Do you by any chance have BCBS like me? I ask because I suspect that they are doing this procedure to make sure that it is covered for me, too. I live in Boston, and coverage is mandated here, but I knwo that insurance companies can put up road blocks.

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